Reduce, recycle, reuse

Turning food waste into green energy

At Fernbrook Bio, we specialise in developing and managing Anaerobic Digestion facilities across the UK. Put simply, that means we turn food waste into Biogas, a renewable energy source that is used to generate electricity and heat.

Anaerobic Digestion tackles two serious environmental issues:

  • Reducing the 16 million tonnes of food waste that goes into landfill sites each year
  • Reducing our reliance on coal and oil; fuels which are quite literally running out

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food recycling

Advantages of AD

Every tonne of food waste we avoid sending to landfill saves about 4.5 tonnes of CO2 gases being emitted to the atmosphere AND can be used to generate clean, green energy.

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Our story

With a personal loathing of waste and a keen interest in the environment, we were shocked by the amount of food waste the UK creates each year. We decided to do something positive about it!

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What we recycle

At our Anaerobic Digestion facilities we recycle all sorts of commercial and domestic food waste, including liquids and animal by-products. You’d be surprised what our Digesters will consume!

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Working with food producers

We work closely with the team at RUR3 Environmental, to source quality food waste for our Digesters. We’re supplied by local authorities, schools, hospitals, retailers, restaurants and many other organisations.

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