JR-fernbrook34webCreating enough power to heat 2000 homes

At Fernbrook Bio, we’re passionate about creating something positive amount of waste this country generates.

We find it shocking that over 40% of the UKs food waste is simply dumped in landfill sites, when it has the potential to create clean, green energy to power our businesses and homes. So, in 2008 we set about changing that.

Using our experience as commercial builders, we invested our time and energy into developing our first Anaerobic Digestion plant at Rothwell Lodge Farm in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Today this plant processes over 40,000 tonnes of organic waste every year, creating enough electricity to power 2000 homes! The plant itself is also powered entirely by the energy generated on-site.

Now that is a change for the better. And we’re proud of it.


Fernbrook waste recycling plant

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What we do

We take commercial and domestic food waste and process it through our Anaerobic Digesters to create Biogas – a renewable energy.

Our waste comes from a whole variety of organisations, including local authorities, schools, hospitals, care homes, food factories, restaurants, retailers and sporting venues. All of the waste is managed responsibly, in accordance with strict EU regulations, and we are fully licenced by the Environment Agency.

How we do it

Anaerobic Digestion uses bacteria to break down organic material. This creates methane-rich Biogas, which we clean and then burn to create heat and electricity that can be sold to the National Grid.

The process also creates two other useful by-products; a nutrient-rich liquor, which is used as a fertiliser by local farmers, and a solid waste called Digestate that can be used as compost.

Our future

The EU has set challenging targets to increase the amount of energy derived from renewable sources to at least 20% by 2020.

The production of Biogas could contribute to this target significantly, so it is our plan to build further Anaerobic Digestion plants in the UK. We are currently researching possible sites, working in collaboration with landowners, farmers, waste management companies, food waste producers and local authorities.

We are committed to building long-term relationships, both with our partners and the communities near our plants, and to ensuring that our respect for the environment carries through everything we do. If you own a site suitable for Anaerobic Digestion or are interested in developing AD facilities, contact us.

How we intend to get there

We’re currently identifying and researching potential AD sites in the UK.   A crucial factor to the successful development of our AD plants is our collaboration with landowners and farmers, waste management companies, food waste producers and local authorities.

It is fundamentally important to us on every level that our plants are efficient and to ensure this we work very hard to build strong and lasting relationships with everyone we partner with.
Our respect for the environment also extends to our customers neighbours in that all our installations are conducted in a professional and courteous manner to minimise any disruption to surrounding businesses and residents.
Click here if you own a site suitable for AD, or are interested in developing AD facilities.