Rothwell Lodge Farm

Our Anaerobic Digestion plant at Rothwell Lodge Farm, in Northamptonshire, is the first of its kind in the Kettering Borough. It plays an important part in helping Kettering and Northamptonshire councils reach nationally set targets to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The plant can process 40,000 tonnes of organic waste per year, including all of the animal waste from the farms resident cattle herd. The Biogas that we generate powers two engines that produce enough electricity for 2000 local homes. The bio-fertiliser we produce gets distributed to local farms.

Future Development

If you are an investor or a landowner, then we are keen to talk to you.

As demonstrated at Rothwell Lodge Farm, Anaerobic Digestion can be operated on low-cost land – typically rural areas on or next to arable land – and offers a reliable, safe and lucrative long-term investment opportunity.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of investing in renewable energy, investors can also benefit from multiple revenue streams:

  • Government backed tariffs for generating renewable energy and for reselling to the National Grid
  • On-site self-sufficiency will cut your annual energy costs
  • ‘Gate fees’ charged to third parties for the disposal of their waste
  • Sale of bio-fertiliser

A new Anaerobic Digestion Plant will also create much needed employment in rural areas, supporting local communities at the same time as boosting the plant owners Corporate Social Responsibility rating.

For farmers, an on-site Anaerobic Digester has the added benefit of providing a source of waste disposal for sludge, slurries and other local feedstocks, whilst guaranteeing a rich supply of organic fertiliser.

Talk to us today about making the investment in AD.

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